Friday, August 26, 2011

Starcruise Superstar Libra Penang-Phuket-Krabi (4D3N-4 days 3 nights)(20-23August2011)-Day 1

It had been a long time since my last blogging. Actually I had many thing that can be blog about but every time I feel wan blogging, those things are already outdated, like my gunung tahan trip etc etc.
It wouldn’t harm that I repost all the old event right? But Not this time, because.....

This time I will bring in the latest trip that I had been through
Never expect that I can ride on this nice cruise. Nevertheless goodies does happen to people, I get these ticket from my nice jiu jiu. Haha.

Arrive in Penang Butterworth in around 4am in the morning. Then we took the Penang ferry to cross the sea at 5am. Hoohoo! 
Since We can only check in on the Ship on 1pm, we decided to go for some short tour in Pulau Penang.
At first, we take bus to Ayer Itam. This is a very lively street with all sort of merchandise going around. We went to eat the fried kueh teow. I am looking for the asam laksa actually. but the stall still not yet open.
Erm. Ok lo so so only. quite a lot of ingredient i will say. Not bad la for its price:)

Penang Fried Kueh Teow Noodle and the busy street at Ayer Itam
This area had a famous sightseeing place, the temple, kek Lok Si(极乐寺). After climbing for a few step we finally arrive at the temple:) the scenery is quite good and the temple is also big. Just that the temple is under renovation that ruin some of the fun. My brother is very tired as he need to carry a very heavy baggage walking around.

Then we had a visit to the Penang hill aka bukit bendera. The price for foreigner and for Malaysian is quite different. And the price for Malaysian is written in BM in the hope that the foreigner will not notice it. Haha. 

Then we sampai to the top of the Penang Hill.
The view is quite breath taking, too bad I do not have a camera that have wide enough lens to take a decent landscape photo. There are also buggy service that can take you a tour around the bukit bendera. One thing that is not good about the hill is that it had many steps on it. In order to go and view those temple, gate, garden, plenty of steps is required. This do not post any problem to me, but it annoy my brother as he need to carry a heavy baggage around. Haha.
My brother with his luggage. Behind that is the buggy service that take you around the Penang Hill
At somewhere in the Penang Hill. The view is quite magnificent

After that, we went back to the Ayer Itam to find again the asam laksa. Ya. The stall that recommend by my father was operating when we arrive. We had became the first customer in the days. Ya. The laksa is quite nice, a lot better than those I taste in Kuala Lumpur!
A bowl of Penang Asam Laksa

The Stall that sell asam laksa near the pasar at Ayer Itam

Nevertheless, time passed fast and we need to go to the port to take board already. The port is called swettensham piers. It is a international piers that used by these kind of cruise.
Star Cruise Superstar Libra, dock in the pier

Swettensham piers

Then we proceed to check in. There are many peoples, but not as much as I expected. Maybe it is because of Bulan Ramadhan and also 七月半。Yeah! Finally we are on board^^

Greeted by those friendly staff and crew member, at first we are having a snack as the first meal on board before it departs. All buffet style, eat all you can^.^

At about 4.30p.m, the ship is having it drill according to the Maritime code. Each passenger are required to attend the drill to learn how to help himself during a emergency. It was here we first meet a few crew, one I call him as “Mr. Safety” as I always forget his name, and another guys I will call him the “Mr. Wear spec” as he is a Chinese wearing a spectable. At first I thought they are very serious guy as they are giving us the safety information on a professional manner. But guess what, it turn out to be very different at the end of the cruise. I will reveal their story slowly, 
Wearing the safety jacket. Luckily we dint run out with this

just remember the name “Safety” and “Wear spec”. Haha :) They will have more story coming up next

At about 6pm, we are having the party on the top deck for celebrating our departure^.^ It was a barbeque party and there is a band playing music on the deck. The food is buffet style and a lot of food is served. The food is quite decent, although not top range. Well, what do you expect, they need to prepare food for so many passenger. At our time there is about 700 passenger on board. Huhu!
On the barbeque party on board   

At night, we are having a event. It was a magic show by a magician from Cuba. The show is very fascinating. Too bad no any camera allowed during the show. After sometime, we went to bed. 
Btw, me and my bro had join the karaoke show for tomorrow nite! guess what will happen then. haha.
(To be continued)